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This is the story of one little boy who attends the preschool class of the CCM Project in Yangon. He has one brother and two sisters. His Dad works as a house painter and his mum makes things to sell at home. He was born with Downs Syndrome and there was no opportunity for him to attend a special school near the community where he lives. Two years ago the CCM team invited him to join the preschool class. At that time he could not feed himself, dress himself, speak or tell anyone he was thirsty. Although it was a lot of extra work for the teachers he can now do all those things for himself and plays happily with the other children. His parents are so happy to see the improvements in his physical and emotional condition, and are extremely grateful that he has a chance to be a normal little boy by going to school, where he can learn and play.


This gorgeous little baby  is a very special little miracle. The staff at the T-RAD clinic walked an incredible journey with her parents to help make this miracle happen. Her mum had had 3 previous pregnancies that sadly all ended in miscarriage or still birth, and mum had almost given up hope of ever holding a healthy live baby. After being assessed by the doctors and midwifery team at T-RAD it was discovered that mum had a condition that, although easily treated in Australia, was not usually treated in Myanmar. The team set up a treatment protocol for her which included regular trips (accompanied by a health worker) to Yangon to visit an Obstetrician. Although it was planned that she would give birth in Yangon, she went into early labour at 35 weeks but the team was able to get her to the nearest hospital with specialist services. Finally this couple had a living, breathing baby in their arms. Baby did develop jaundice after returning home but the team were able to make sure she received the treatment needed.
What a journey! This precious little love is now happily at home with her doting and thankful parents; she is gaining weight and feeding well.


This is the antenatal clinic at Ler Doh (Kyaukkyi) where up to 15 ultrasounds are carried out each week. Ultrasound during pregnancy is something that we take for granted in Australia but in remote parts of Myanmar most women do not have access to this technology. Early detection of potential problems, or multiple pregnancies, means the clinic staff can put a care plan in place, including referral, and therefor avoid unexpected, life threatening complications during delivery.


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